College of the Desert Monterey Avenue Entrance Signage & Way-Finding Master Plan




College of the Desert’s campus architectural history boasts an exceptionally designed and implemented core campus with newer buildings along the outer edges that starts to define a new era that the College is entering. The purpose of the Monterey Avenue entrance design is to create a cohesive campus-wide thread between the eclectic nature of the original campus buildings and the new architectural styles.

The beauty of the natural features of the desert and the San Jacinto and Santa Rosa Mountains all provide a unique backdrop to the College, which defines the identity and character of the campus. The Monterey Avenue entrance design resembles and enhances these unique features of the College campus. The entry design responds sensitively to the climate and character of the surrounding natural and built environment as well, drawing from the rich regional, historical, cultural, and natural resources of the area.

The 19six team’s scope of work included landscape and entry design, wayfinding and signage master plan, as well as a campus-wide security/blue phone system.


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