Cottage Health Outpatient Mental Health Clinic


The renovation of existing medical suites to provide a new home for Cottage Hospital’s outpatient mental health treatment program. The 19six team began by conducting a study to determine the suitability of the existing building to meet the program’s needs, and to ensure the project conforms with ADA, OSHPD-3, and other regulations and requirements.

The one story medical suite was originally built in the 1950’s. The drop ceiling interior hid the beautiful vaulted ceilings and wood beams. The design team prioritized patient/provider experience by opening up the vaulted ceiling to gain openness and maximize the natural daylight. Solar tubes were used in the existing roof to bring much needed light into the interior hallways.  All office doors are wood and glass to allow light to enter rooms. Materials emphasize a grounded natural feeling to help patients feel comfortable in the clinic. The reception area is surrounded by a unique stained wood wall to match the LVT clinic-grade floors. This OSHPD-3 approved project for Cottage Health provides a much-needed outpatient mental health clinic.

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