NextSpace Santa Cruz run by Pacific Workplaces is a fun and lively coworking space. 19six Interiors had the pleasure of working on the renovation of the kitchen for this location. The original space was small with appliances spilling into adjacent hallway. Poor flow, function and storage were all major issues.

Creating a space that was open, welcoming, and great for impromptu gatherings was the project scope. To achieve this 19six took expanded into an underutilized unassigned collaboration space. This allowed the team to relocate the cabinetry and kitchen appliances in an L shape. Removing the existing bar counter and opening the space so that users can access the space more easily was an integral step in creating the vision for the client.

19six Interiors designed a custom island counter as a centerpiece great for impromptu meetings over coffee or for the weekly happy hour. The concrete island finishes the space and seamlessly adds the existing industrial feel. The finishes selected needed to coordinate with the surrounding open spaces, where bright vibrant colors can be found alongside metals and wood accents. The decision to go with concrete was natural and would blend well. Accenting the back wall in a vibrant green draws you in and creates the fun lively environments the clients were looking for.

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