Paso Robles Airport Terminal

Paso Robles, CA

Paso Robles Municipal Airport is located in the middle of California’s newest wine grape region. With the Paso Robles area increasing its reputation as the fastest growing area on the Central Coast, a new airport terminal was designed as the focal point for passengers and a gateway to the region. The new terminal design reflects the unique, small town culture of Paso Robles, yet provides a contemporary design. The terminal serves the needs of the community, general aviation operations, and corporate/commercial aircraft.

The design called for a two-story building with the first floor containing a 1,200 sf restaurant and 500 sf patio area, 1,300 sf general lobby and futures an arrival and secure departure gate, 1,000 sf concourse area that includes car rental and future airline ticketing, bar and restrooms. The second floor has a second lobby, 700 sf mezzanine, 300 sf conference room, and 800 sf office space. In addition, the terminal has two trellises for separate gateways for arrival and departure, a two lane drop off drive in front of the terminal and resurfacing and striping of the existing parking lot.

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