Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital Centennial Plan

Santa Barbara, CA

Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital conducted a major renovation in the late 1980s and 1990s which expanded the campus from one city block to two city blocks. 19six Architects, working in conjunction with SMP Hospital Architects, led the master planning effort. The developed plan allowed for a major expansion and complete relocation of the hospital’s utility system.

Key to final assemblage of all the building elements was to relocate the entire central boiler plant and the hospital’s major electrical service to the adjacent block at the opposite end of the site. One of the major challenges of the project was to reverse all the major utilities to the main hospital wing and then re-energize without any down time for services.

In addition, a major parking structure became a component of the project to meet the community’s desire to lessen the impact of hospital generated parking within the nearby neighborhoods. To preserve the nature of the surrounding one-story bungalow neighborhood the design provided for a partial below grade “garden” garage with a capacity of up to 280 cars.

Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital Projects
(1970 – 2000)
1. Centennial Wing & ICU / CCU with SMP
2. Surgery Addition
3. SB Cancer Foundation
4. Remodel
5. Sexual Abuse Response Team
6. Plaza
7. Site and Parking
8. Central Plant
9. Parking Structure
10. Child Care Center
11. Plaza / Open Space
12. Site and Parking
13. Site and Parking
14. Remodel and Renovation
15. Tunnel

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