Cottage Center For Advanced Imaging

Santa Barbara, CA


This project was collaboratively designed by 19six Architects and physicians from the Santa Barbara community to represent the Cottage promise of high-tech, high-touch care. The challenge was to convert an existing three-story medical office building into a new outpatient clinic operating under the licensure of Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital on the first and second floors while accommodating the specialized needs of a private medical doctors group occupying the third floor, all while being in the critical path of a new hospital construction schedule. 19six Architects conducted a series of face-to-face meetings, with both groups of stakeholders, in order to build consensus and create a program best suited to the needs of the patients, the doctors and SBCH’s Radiology and Cardiology Departments.

As a result, the center offers the finest imaging technology housed under one roof including 3.0T MRI, 1.5T MRI and 64-slice CT Scanner. These technologies offer an optimum level of ergonomic comfort and diagnostic power available in an outpatient environment. To ensure the comfort of patients, the interior features a warm color palette and amenities such as privacy lighting, spa-like dressing facilities and restrooms, sustainable bamboo flooring, Wi-Fi, and on-demand music.

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