Crafton Hills College Needs Assessment & Programming




As part of the master planning update for the campus, 19six provided additional programming and design services to assist the College in determining the Campus Building Space Allocation for the Renovation Projects on the Crafton Hills College campus. The projects included the programming of existing spaces in various buildings across campus that will be affected by programs moving to new buildings currently under design. The existing buildings scheduled for renovations include: the Performing Arts Center, Language Arts & Math Building, Student Services, Maintenance & Operations, and College Center buildings.


  • Assessed existing classroom and office space to relocate to new facilities currently in design and determine best purpose use for those areas that will be vacant with new building moves.
  • Develop phasing plan for department moves utilizing existing buildings as swing space avoid temporary housing to be installed on campus.
  • Determine future program to relocate into existing spaces.
  • Provide professional evaluation of future consideration of state funding for college.


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