Alan Kroeker - Senior Principal

“I’ve worked with Alan on many projects over the years and I’ve always found him to be knowledgeable, reliable, pragmatic and highly motivated. In addition to that, he has the ability to communicate extremely well with a wide variety of people.”
– Bill Schassberger, former Director of Facilities, Templeton Unified School District

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Monisha Adnani, LEED AP – Principal

“Monisha Adnani had the overwhelming task of managing the restoration project on a day-to-day basis. In fact, you might say the chorus of activity heading to the big reopening is every bit as choreographed as any performance and a lot more complex.”
– Peter Frisch, Former Executive Director, Granada Theatre

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Rosa Alvarado, LEED AP - Principal

“As the design professional in charge, she is our team leader who has set the standard by which our projects have proceeded with great success.  Because of her knowledge regarding construction practices and code compliance, and her timely responses to all questions and concerns, our projects have proceeded on schedule and on budget.”
– Christine Walker, Ed.D., Superintendent, Hueneme Elementary School District

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Mariana Alvarez-Parga, LEED AP - Principal

“Mariana demonstrated over the years an ability to design schools that work well for students and teachers.  Her approach was always inclusive listening to all stakeholders to incorporate their ideas into designs.  Her biggest strength is that Mariana is bi-literate and can communicate in Spanish architectural information which is extremely valuable given California’s diversity in school district communities.”
– Enrique E. Palacios, Retired Deputy Superintendent & CBO, Pittsburg Unified School District

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Ralph le Roux - Principal

“Having worked directly with Ralph for several years on a host of projects from small to large complex multi-phased projects, his calm and steady focus, as well as his creative style, is invaluable in delivering great architectural projects. He is a seasoned Program Manager and efficiently drives meetings to gain consensus with numerous stakeholders. His involvement is instrumental in facilitating delivery of construction project on the District’s very tight schedules. With a constant eye on budget and schedule, Ralph is like a true extension of the District.”
– Trevor Miller, Director of Facility Services, Santa Cruz City Schools
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Jeffrey Haight - Principal

“Jeff has been the Museum’s structural engineer for over 25 years. He has worked on every conceivable kind of project both here and at our Sea Center – historic structures, a unique outdoor pavilion, wooden bridges, providing input on how to safely install a full size cast of a T-Rex and a Blue Whale Skeleton. On every project Jeff brings steady counsel, keen insight, good humor, and outstanding professionalism!”
– Luke J. Swetland, President & CEO, Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History 

Mark Crittenden - Principal

“It has been a pleasure of working with Mark as he applied his structural expertise to the Towbes Group portfolio.  In my estimation, he has certainly seen his share of head-scratchers over the years!  Through these various projects, his focus has always remained on the client’s needs.  I have always found his designs to be creative, well thought out, and cost-conscious.  As those in the business of developing, constructing, or managing properties can attest, we always need that “person to call”.  Mark has and will remain an integral part of that process for us.”
– Derek Hansen, Executive Vice President, The Towbes Group


“A visionary, collaborative, innovative humanitarian, Jack Paddon exemplified these characteristics and more during the 10+ years we worked together on our Stages at Northstar theater project. He is not only a great architect but also a super person!”
Keith D. Vogt, President, Tahoe Regional Arts Foundation


Terry is known for his creative ideas, open collaboration, and out-of-box approaches that successfully meet client needs. His firm’s mantra, “Involve, Connect, Delight,” is not just a catchphrase but the philosophy of his design approach. As the leader of this team, Terry has a natural talent for introducing new ideas and developing others’ ideas to fit the new urban living paradigm.
Julie Young, Founder, Urban Elements, Inc.



“The Roseville Civic Center provided a unique opportunity for collaboration between the city government, city residents, and Williams +  Paddon. The design team led by Greg Tonello helped guide the design from an old bank to a modern and efficient center for government with an emphasis on accessibility and use by the community. The fact that this project took place in the old downtown area on Vernon Street and had an immediate impact on the revitalization of the surrounding area is a solid testament to Greg’s expertise in municipal planning.”
Thomas Goldie, Former Director of Central Services, City of Roseville