Edio Vineyards at Delfino Farms

Camino, CA

The magnificent views take center stage at Edio Vineyards at Delfino Farms. This new winery and tasting room was designed to embrace its natural surroundings and welcome visitors. Nestled in the pines and surrounded by vineyards, we designed a very simple, cost-efficient building for the Delfino family on their production orchard and vineyard in Apple Hill. 

To realize the Delfino’s vision for their new winery within the project scope, we had to push our creativity for this project. One such challenge was deciding how and where to position the building in order to give visitors a sense of personal connection back to the farm while giving the impression that the building was floating above the vineyard. The white metal building with its black roof is perched on a hill; its form connects with agricultural buildings from the past. In the tasting room, crates from the apple orchard line the face of the bar, and over-scaled sconces highlight family pictures. 

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