Ridley-Tree Cancer Center New SPECT/CT Equipment & Remodel

Santa Barbara, CA


Structural Engineering

This groundbreaking project showcases the forefront of technological innovation in SPECT/CT imaging with the introduction of the Spectrum Dynamics Medical Veriton-CT system. Tailored to the facility’s spatial constraints, this state-of-the-art equipment was meticulously crafted and shipped from Israel. The installation features a pioneering ring-shaped gantry, enabling unparalleled digital 360-degree total body 3D imaging capabilities.

Collaborating closely with 19six and the project team, every aspect from design to construction was meticulously coordinated. The installation process was executed seamlessly by the Israeli team in conjunction with the General Contractor. Beyond the equipment upgrade, the project encompassed a comprehensive transformation, including the replacement of outdated imaging equipment and the enhancement of infrastructure such as lead-lined perimeter corridor walls.

Additionally, the project revitalized the interior space with modern, eco-friendly elements. This included the integration of energy-efficient LED lighting, refreshed flooring, walls, and ceiling finishes, as well as the incorporation of new millwork and illuminated ceiling panels. These enhancements not only elevate the aesthetics but also create an inviting and comfortable environment for both patients and staff.

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