Arlington Theatre

Santa Barbara, CA


This five-phase project involved the restoration of an historic landmark theatre designed by 19six’s predecessor firm Edwards, Plunkett & Howell. Phase I restored all interior and exterior finishes, increased seating capacity, and included initial phase acoustical improvements. Also included was a new variable size orchestra pit, the removable forestage, new stage rigging, and the reconstruction of the proscenium opening. The dressing rooms were remodeled and new restrooms were added as well as a new green room. HVAC, plumbing systems and the roof, were repaired in the restoration and landscaping was added.

Phase II remodeled and expanded public restrooms and doubled the number of plumbing fixtures. Phase III added an exterior lobby and extension/courtyard with a retractable waterproof awning-style roof. The main lounge area was remodeled adding French doors to the new courtyard, and new exterior landscaping. Phase IV of the project added a new removable/retractable orchestra acoustical shell. Finally, Phase V was the installation of a large theater pipe organ and the required modifications for the installation.

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