CPS HR Consulting Headquarters

Sacramento, CA



CPS Human Resources provides Human Resource services to Government Agencies. Headquartered in Sacramento, they have staff who work remotely, both locally and across the country. The scope of CPSHR’s work is divided into three areas: Consultancy, Training and Test Writing / Testing.

Each scope area required different space solutions.

  • For Consultancy, we created an office space zoned in two distinct areas: the heads-down zone for workers who tend to perform focused work; the collaboration zone focused on meetings, break room, training rooms. Because of the high number of remote workers, the collaboration zone became the hub for meetings when remote workers came to the office.
  • For Training, we created a separate space with classrooms and
    support areas for CPS HR clients to attend classes.
  • For Testing, we created office space in the heads-down zone for
    staff creating the tests. A big part of testing is the Print Shop where tests are printed, mailed out and returned. We created a high-tech print shop with storage to accommodate requirements.

Our task was to combine these diverse scopes of work into a unified office yet create a space where the work styles necessary for each area enhance the work performed. At the same time, we needed to reflect a modern, energetic workplace for attraction and retention of employees.

Reflecting the company’s identity, work and values started in the Reception Area and ran throughout the space. We used their branding as the connector between the 3 areas.

The collaboration zone became the hub of meetings and gatherings. The company was able to attract more students and offer more classes, one of the requirements as it is a revenue generator. The Print Shop was able to function more efficiently because of process flow.

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