City Of Thousand Oaks – Kavli Theatre Lobby

Thousand Oaks, CA


The 226,000 square foot Civic Arts Plaza houses the City’s Administrative Departments, two theaters, and a gallery exhibition space within the lobby. The renovation scope of work is focused on the lobby space only.

Replacing the existing wood finish on the walls with a warm colored paneled appearance helps tie the exterior design, texture and materials of the building to the interior finishes. Cladding the balconies with copper enhances the three-dimensional quality and emphasizes the depths in the facade. Changing the zinc paneling on columns and replacing existing tile ceiling with metal ceiling creates a play of colors and textures inside the lobby.

The proposed lighting is divided into architectural and functional lighting. The architectural lighting is designed to create a sparkling effect which helps loosen the rigidity created by the existing architectural elements within the space. Functional lighting is designed from the point of view of access, maintenance and usability. The improved art lighting enhances the art display throughout the lobby space.

Donor signage design is now in conjunction with the interior design of the project. Consolidating the donor signs into one location provides focus and interesting architectural element within the space.

The proposed project will enhance the overall patron and visitor experience. The renovated lobby space create an attractive and pleasant gathering space for additional events.

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