La Cumbre Junior High School Theatre

Santa Barbara, CA


La Cumbre Junior High School is Santa Barbara’s oldest intermediate school. It was designed in 1926 and opened in 1928 as a junior high school serving grades seven through nine. The Spanish-style school is housed on a 21.95-acre campus on the west side of Santa Barbara. The 1,063-seat theatre is used as both an educational facility as well as a community theater. The proposed project will enhance the overall educational experience, allow the theatre to become more marketable and attract larger professional and public performances.

Working with SBUSD, 19six developed the following scope of work:

  • Renovate seating
  • Upgrades existing historic finishes
  • Replace floor, ceiling and wall finishes
  • Enclose control booth and create a teaching space
  • Replace light fixtures and upgrade systems
  • Upgrade and modernize the lobby
  • Renovate stage flooring
  • Address accessibility issues
  • Replace sound systems
  • Fix or replace mechanical lowering/raising system for house lighting.
  • Dressing rooms and backstage improvements – upgrade stage doors, lighting, outlets, storage area, workshop space.

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