Monte Vista Elementary School Library

Santa Barbara, CA

New Construction 

In June 2010, the Hope School District passed an $8 Million local bond measure to fund solar photovoltaic projects at each of their campuses, a new library at Monte Vista Elementary School and Multipurpose Room modernization and expansion at Vieja Valley Elementary School. 19six and the District developed a cash flow analysis and spending plan to get projects moving forward immediately.

19six worked with the site’s user group in a series of design charettes to develop a program based on the other two libraries in the District and the unique site and needs of the Monte Vista campus. The site has a steep grade change from the library to the administration building so careful consideration was given to the accessible path of travel and student flow to and from the library.

Since the District set out to reduce energy consumption, orienting the building to maximize day lighting and sun exposure was key to the site design. Large overhangs to protect southern windows, glazing on all north facing windows and large flat roof planes all allow for minimizing the energy use of artificial lighting and in turn reduce the heat load on the building and need for air conditioning.

The interior layout allows for maximum flexibility as the needs and program of the Library changes in the future. The central core of the interior is the librarian’s desk which creates a central place to check out books, ask for help and maximize the librarian’s visibility throughout the space for security and supervision purposes. The building has indoor and outdoor spaces to allow students to take advantage of the favorable weather in the area.

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