Monterey Road Elementary School

Atascadero, CA


The Monterey Road Elementary School is Atascadero Unified School District’s second oldest elementary school and was identified as the first school to kick off a district-wide construction program resulting from the successful passage of a local bond.  Through the programming stage, several key elements were identified as priorities; natural light, natural ventilation, individual classroom HVAC controls, and long term energy efficiency.  Throughout the process 19six worked with the facilities department to establish new District Standards.

The classrooms were dramatically transformed.  The old ceilings were removed, revealing fantastic old wood trusses and opening up the volume of the space.  The space is bathed in a diffused natural light from operable skylights and fans and operable windows provide an energy efficient ventilation mode to take advantage of temperate days.  All interior finishes were new including flooring, a durable wainscot, tackwall and whiteboards.  The classrooms feature the latest in learning centered technology including data, projection and voice amplification for the teachers.

The site received a major makeover.  The parking lot was reconstructed to facilitate drop-off and traffic flow.  An exterior plaza was added to provide an entry and gathering space.  An unseen, but critical long-term portion of the work was the replacement of all underground utilities.  The entire site was brought up to current accessibility standards.  A major component of this was the construction of an elegant stair and accessible ramp from the classroom level to the playground level.

Energy performance was a high priority for this project.  The project qualified for the High Performance Incentive Grant and Savings by Design programs and includes stormwater treatment, cool metal roofs, superior energy performance, photovoltaics, daylighting, high performance HVAC units, and improved acoustical performance.

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