Cuesta College North County Campus New Entry & Quad

Paso Robles, CA

The new Campus Entry design serves as the ‘gateway’ to the North County Campus Center from Buena Vista Drive. The new main entrance loop features a pickup/drop-off area, pedestrian promenade, flagpole plaza, and access to public transportation. To best serve Campus Center visitors, the existing Parking Lot 10 was reconfigured, and a new parking lot was added directly to the south of the new building extending to the entrance off Dallons Drive. Within the central campus area, a new commons core continues the pedestrian promenade, anchored by the Campus Center at one end and the Learning Resources Center at the other. Over this connection, a ‘basket weave’ of interlocking paths and gathering spaces ties together the existing and future buildings of the campus with a network of landscaping, concrete benches, charging/hydration stations, and trees.

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