University Of La Verne Morgan Auditorium

La Verne, CA


The renovation of the Founders Auditorium, will recreate its original splendor by improving acoustics, seating, sightlines, and lighting while enhancing the performance and audience space and preserving the historic fabric of the building.

19six conducted a programming process that utilized building users, instructors and district administrative committees to understand their desires and concerns. The project scope includes:

  • Expanding the performance area.
  • Adding state-of-the-art theatrical rigging, theatrical lighting and A/V equipment.
  • Improving the backstage spaces to include a green room, and upgrading the access to and from the stage.
  • Adding additional wheelchair spaces and providing disabled access to stage by adding a chair lift.
  • Enhancing the entrances to auditorium by adding vestibules that also help achieve acoustical isolation.
  • Enhancing the interior aesthetics by adding wood shutters on the interior windows without destroying the historic fabric of the building.
  • Adding new seats, finishes, and light fixtures.
  • Isolating noise from ductwork, piping, mechanical equipment and adjacent interior and exterior spaces.
  • Upgrading the mechanical systems to provide for thermal comfort.

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