Queen of the Valley Medical Center Oncology & Hematology


The project undertook the renovation of the original 1958 administrative wing of the Queen of the Valley Hospital. The project was processed through the City of Napa Building Department as well as OSHPD. The program consisted of a new Medical Oncology and Hematology Office for four providers. There are 2 exam rooms for each provider as well as an intake room, blood draw Room, Shot Room, and support spaces.
The medical clinic offers a multitude of oncology services, including:
Chemotherapy — Uses drugs to kill rapidly dividing cells, including cancer cells, or to keep the cells from dividing.
Immunotherapy — Boosts your own immune system’s ability to find and attack cancer.
Hormonal therapy — Stops your body from producing certain hormones that help cancer grow or interferes with certain hormones’ actions in your body.
Targeted therapy — Attacks specific cancer cells while limiting damage to healthy cells.
Specific attention was placed on maintaining the historic character of the building an taking advantage of its location on the hospital campus.

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