University Of California Santa Barbara San Rafael Hall

Santa Barbara, CA


San Rafael Hall is a residential housing complex located in the southwest corner of the UCSB campus adjacent to Isla Vista. The entire facility houses approximately 606 students on a year round basis and consists of seven-story tower elements and clusters of two and three story buildings. The University wanted to structurally upgrade the two tower elements to improve the Seismic Performance Rating and renovate both the tower and cluster buildings.

The renovation work partially resulted from the demolition work for the seismic corrections. Floor plans for the first floors of both tower buildings were modified in response to the new structural elements and required new finishes. New doors, windows, closets and finishes in the tower housing units were also required once seismic work was completed. Building systems were also upgraded and improved. This included the fire alarm system, portions of the sanitary sewer system, replacement of existing elevators, and minor revisions to the lighting system.

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